• Using Strong Passwords

    April 4, 2013 by Support Staff
  • Using Strong Passwords

    Hackers will use brute force attempts to guess weak passwords and gain access to your site. If you change your password often, and keep it complex, it will help prevent hackers from gaining access to your site. When choosing a password, do not use dictionary words, they can be guessed by hackers within a matter of minutes.

    We provide you two different options to assist you in creating a unique password:

    1. 1. Within your cPanel, there is a built in Password Generator
    2. 2. You can visit http://www.tierrahosting.com/password-generator.php

    Below is a table of different passwords, their strength, and the approximate time to guess them using a brute force attack.

    Password Quality Reason Time to Guess
    password Awful Dictionary Word Seconds
    3men Awful Dictionary Word Seconds
    my34car67 Decent Uses letters and numbers Hours
    hMi4l67oO Good Uses upper and lowercase letters and numbers Weeks
    g00Dp@ssw3Rd! Great Upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols Years

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