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    March 30, 2009 by Support Staff
  • To download a back-up of your site(s), log into your Control Panel, and look in the Databases section for the Backup Wizard link:
    Click on the link and you will be taken to the Backup Wizard page.

    Here is where you decide if you want to Backup or Restore. In this case we are looking to Backup our files.

    This feature allows you to download a zipped copy of your entire site or parts of it onto your computer.
    The following are backed up and included in a zip file for your convenience:
    * Home Directory
    * MySQL Databases
    * Email forwarders configuration
    * Email filters configuration
    Simply click on the Full Backup link.

    You now have two choices. You can either archive a Full Backup or a Select Partial Backup.
    What’s the difference between the two?
    Full Backup
    This feature allows you to create an archive of all the files and configurations on your website.
    Note: You can only use this to move your account to another server, or to keep a local copy of your files.
    Select Partial Backup
    This feature allows you to select which partial backup you want to download.
    You can select from the three options in your Select Partial Backup:
    * Home Directory
    * MySQL Databases
    * Email Forwarders & Filters
    Choose a form of Backup you would like . . .
    Once you’ve made your choice of Backup (Full or Select Partial) you will then be given options. If a Full backup, you will choose a place to store the backup. Otherwise, you’ll download the Select Partial to your computer.

    What is The Backup Wizard?
    The Backup Wizard assists you in backing up your web site. This means that you can download a zipped version of some or all of the files contained in your web site so that they can be restored later.

    What Can I Backup?
    * Home Directory
    * MySQL Databases
    * E-mail Forwarders Configuration
    * E-mail filters Configuration

    Why Should I Backup?
    There are many reasons why one should backup their site. Data can become corrupted, computers can fail, a natural disaster could wipe out the facility that your site is stored in. All of these reasons and many others should influence your choice to backup your files. Even if you pay for your site to be backed up, it is a good idea to keep your own backups.

    Types of Backups
    There are four main types of backups that you can perform:
    * Full Backup - A full backup will create an archive of your entire site. This includes all the files in your home directory, any MySQL databases you have, and any.E-mail forwarders and filters you have set up.
    * Home Directory - A home directory backup will create an archive of all the files in your home directory. This includes all the files that are a part of your site, even if they are not in your public_html directory.
    * MySQL Databases - A MySQL database backup will create an archive off all MySQL databases you own. These databases are used to store information for things such as bulletin boards, image galleries, etc.
    * E-mail Domain Forwarder and Filters - An Email Domain Forwarder and Filters backup will backup your email domain forwarders and any incoming mail filters that you have created.

    What Is A Restore?
    This feature allows you to restore parts of your Control Panel by uploading your partial backup zip file(s) that you downloaded from the backup feature.

    What Can Be Restored?
    * Home Directory
    * MySQL Databases
    * E-mail Forwarders Configuration
    * E-mail filters Configuration

    As a website owner, you should perform periodic backup’s of your site anyway. As stated in our Frequently Asked Questions section, at http://www.tierrahosting.com/support/FAQ.php.

    Do you do regular backups of my account?
    Yes, we perform nightly backups on all accounts, but don’t count on our backups alone! Your website is important, and you are the one ultimately responsible for ensuring that your data is backed up!
    We make every effort to back up all account data on a nightly basis, but we can not guarantee that our backups will be complete, up to date or even available at all. We are not responsible in the event that some or all of your account data and settings are lost (please see our service agreement for more information).
    *This note may sound cold and heartless, but it helps reinforce the importance of making your own site backups.
    You should always keep an up to date copy of your website on your local computer; by doing this you will always have a copy of your site on hand in the event of data loss. You can easily download file, database and settings backups from the backup area of you sites control panel.

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