• .MOBI - make your website mobile

    December 13, 2014 by Support Staff
  • Your opportunity to connect with a global mobile audience!

    Mobile friendly sites can increase consumer engagement by up to 85%: Google 2011

    Why .mobi?

    • Over 1 million+ individuals and businesses choose .mobi as their preferred mobile domain.
    • It’s The Mobile Signpost - as the only truly mobile domain customers know you’re serious about the mobile internet
    • It’s Industry Recognised and Promoted - approved by ICANN as the only mobile specific domain
    • It’s readily understood - .mobi is understood in multiple languages, globally people get it means mobile
    • It’s not just Big Brands - Studies show that 50% of SMB’s are planning to offer a mobile website in the next 12 months

    Big companies like BMW®, Ferrari, Hilton Hotels, ESPN®, Maxim® and GoDaddy have expanded their reach with their own .MOBI sites — now you can too!

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