CloudFlare: Deactivate

 December 26, 2013     0 Comments

If you decide that you don’t want to use CloudFlare for your website any more, simply deactivate CloudFlare via cPanel. Don’t forget that if you want to test the site without going through CloudFlare, you can just access the site directly. Our guide to do so is HERE

In order to deactivate CloudFlare for a particular site, click on the CloudFlare icon within the website’s cPanel, and then click on the solid orange icon :


This will remove the relevant records from the DNS and the domain will point directly to the hosting server. The cloud will go grey when CloudFlare has been deactivated. Do note that normal DNS propagation times will apply, so it may be up to 24 hours before all traffic goes directly to the hosting server.

In some circumstances (for example if you no longer have access to the cPanel account for the site), then the disconnection can be achieved via the CloudFlare website.

Log into your Cloudflare account. Click on ‘Websites’ on the top menu, and click the gear icon:

Select ‘DNS Settings’, and then click the “Disconnect CloudFlare” button:


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