Domain Transfer

Transfer 101

Here are some tips to ensure a successful domain transfer. Make sure your domain:

  1. Has not expired, or will not be expiring within 14 days (If it’s past the due date, you’ll have to renew with the current registrar)
  2. Has not been renewed within the last 45 days
  3. Has not been registered within the last 60 days
  4. Is not involved in any legal or payment disputes

Looking to get away from your unreliable or expensive domain registrar? Take advantage of becoming a client of Tierra Hosting and enjoy all the perks that our existing domain clients experience!

Transfer in Three Easy Steps!
  1. Enter the domain you'd like to transfer
  2. After purchase, check your email to authorize
  3. Receive email confirmation of successful transfer


Be sure to review the Domain Pre-Transfer Checklist.

Transferring Domains

By transferring your domain registrations to Tierra Hosting, you gain the ability to manage all your domain registrations, renewals, and details through Tierra Hosting. This means that all your billing needs will be met right here in the Client Area -- instead of having to keep track of domain renewals through one or more different domain registrars. You can simply transfer your domains to Tierra Hosting and close off all those extraneous domain registration accounts.

It is not required to transfer your domain to Tierra Hosting in order to be able to host your site here; it simply makes managing your domain registrations easier by keeping them together in one place -- right here in the Client Area. By transferring your domain, Tierra Hosting becomes the registrar of the domain name as opposed to the company you originally made the purchase from.

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