• Malware Protection

    June 12, 2013 by Support Staff
  • Tierra Hosting is proud to announce that we now offer Malware Protection for our clients and their websites.

    Malware refers to just about anything bad an attacker can do if they gain access to your website. Usually it happens if there is a security bug in the script that is powering your website (such as WordPress, Magento or Joomla) or in a supporting plugin, add-on, module, or theme.

    Once an attacker has access to your website they use this as a launch point to do things like:

    • Place extra, malicious code into your website to infect your visitors’ computers with viruses and desktop-malware.
    • Display unauthorized advertisements to your visitors
    • Send spam and phishing emails through your hosting account
    • Upload fake webpages to your account, and attempt to get people to visit them and steal their information (e.g. a fake bank website) through phishing emails
    • Other bad things.


    There are several ways to tell if your website has been infected with malware:

    • Your web host notifies you of spam/abuse complaints against your domain(s)
    • Your hosting account begins using far more resources (CPU, RAM, storage) than normal
    • You receive a warning when visiting your website because it has been blacklisted by a malware detection service which often partner with web browser development companies (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Safari, Opera)
    • Much more.

    Tierra Hosting Malware Protection helps prevent any of the above issues from occurring by proactively scanning your website, fixing any discovered problems, and alerting you to any issues before your end users begin to notice them.

    The price for scanning/protection is available for a special price of $54.99 per website.

    For example:

    • www.yourdomain.com
    • forum.yourdomain.com

    This counts as two (2) websites and are paid for individually.

    If you are interested in obtaining the confidence in knowing that your website is being monitored, and protected, simply submit a ticket for more information.

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