Will you install my programs and scripts for me?

 May 10, 2013     0 Comments

Will you install my programs and scripts for me?

We are sorry, but we can not accommodate that kind of support. Our hosting accounts come with an autoinstaller (Softaculous) that allows you to install over 265 scripts with the click of a button. In addition to those popular scripts, Tierra Hosting has written a custom-installer for the popular Ruby on Rails based blog system, Typo.

If you need to install scripts that are not apart of our over 265 scripts available, we cannot assist you nor can we provide support for any of those third-party scripts (even if they were installed with the autoinstaller). This policy is not to withhold any specialized information or hoard our team's experience. It is impossible for all of our support staff to be fully versed in every available script, and if we have not tested and included the scripts in question, we would be jeopardizing the shared hosting environment by letting them all run rampant across our network.

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